Send payments to the Lethbridge Folk Club with Interac e-Transfer

info to pay the Lethbridge Folk Club by Interac e-transfer
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How do you send money with Interac e-Transfer? You and the recipient each need your own:

  •  Account with a participating bank or credit union
  •  Active email address or mobile phone number
  • To send, follow the easy-to-use instructions on screen:
  • Log into your online or mobile banking app and select the account.
  • the email address to send funds to the Lethbridge Folk Club is: [email protected] You may have to add this email as a ‘payee’ in your banking app.
  • Add your email or mobile number and other information shown on the illustration above.
  • Enter the amount for all the tickets you are ordering. $35 for membership tickets and $40 for non-members.
  • Note: the Lethbridge Folk Club has registered for Interac e-Transfer® Autodeposit) and funds will be submitted automatically into our account with no service charges.

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